Nkechi Blessing Reveals What Really Gives Her Money

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Nkechi Blessing Reveals What Really Gives Her Money


Nigerian actress and media personality Nkechi Blessing during her interview with Your View opened up about why she does not really keep friends, if she's rich, and how she actually makes her money. Nkechi had a lot to say. Here's what she said.

On why she does not do friends, Nkechi Blessing said:

Me I don't do friendships oh because friends, friends have taught me a lot in this life. I just have acquaintances, maybe we just hang out when I'm bored. Friends have taught me life lessons. I had this best friend, she is still alive, may God bless her wherever she is. I was her friend, she was not my friend. You know when you have a friend who you tell everybody "ah that's my best friend" meanwhile you're not your best friend's best friend. So she taught me a lot in life. Nothing like best friend. Nothing like the one that you can't sleep when you don't see. So I have a male bestie. So I'd rather have a male friend than having a female friend. Cuz my secret is somehow safe than a female bestie. Cuz a lot of them, they just want to know how you're doing it in life so that they can use that against you. As at that time, she knew some things about me and Instagram was not like this. I was not the Nkechi of today. If it were to be now, e for cast, because she was my very close friend. She knew everything about me. I took her everywhere. We did things together. And then when we had a little issue, she went on Instagram and wrote and wrote and wrote and tagged different blogs. But Nkechi was not Nkechi then. So nobody paid attention. Just imagine me now. So since then, I created boundaries. Of course I have beautiful girls as my friends, a lot of them. Like my last trip to Dubai, I took two of them to Dubai. We had fun and all. But there is a limit. Don't cross it. You need to make boundaries. You have to make room for fights. So that in case we fall out you don't have anything on me. So everybody just walks on their own. You may think you know things about me but me I hoard things a lot. I won't tell you a 100, I might just tell you 30, you think you know everything.

Speaking on if she's rich, Nkechi Blessing said:

I'm just very comfortable. I'm moneyed.

Speaking on how she makes her money, Nkechi Blessing said:

A lot of people don't know, I have a side business where I sell children's toys, bicycles and all of that. That was my mum's business before she passed. So I closed down for a while because I needed to wrap my head around her passing. I'm into real estate. Asides that, when I open my business back, I'm going back into my business. Cuz I hardly even do movies. For the past 2 years, I don't remember. I don tire, cuz our job is stressful. You see a lot of people working working working, they're not even taking care of themselves.

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